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Water Treatment Equipment


Enduro Aquaspan™ fiberglass (FRP/GRP) baffle wall systems are specifically designed for potable water and wastewater treatment flow control. Baffle walls control the flow of water and increase residence time while partition walls separate zones or enhance mixing. Our baffle and partition walls are pre-engineered and composed of fiberglass panels, angles, and framing members.

With a superior combination of strength and corrosion resistance, Enduro baffle wall systems offer industry-leading design flexibility and light weight making them an excellent choice for both new projects and retrofits.

The Plasti-Fab Composite Baffle Wall provides superior corrosion resistance while providing the flexibility of custom fabrication to meet specific application needs. All composite parts are guaranteed against corrosion.


Plasti-Fab is a world class manufacturer of composites with over 40 years of experience designing, engineering and building products for fluid management and control. Plasti-Fab products are fabricated from highly corrosion resistant composite fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP). Recognized around the world as an experienced innovator and provider of quality composite solutions, Plasti-Fab has a wealth of experience and expertise in flow measurement products.



AWI has developed the technical know-how, products and services required to economically supply new or upgrade existing municipal  and industrial granular water filtration systems. With offices in both the United States and Canada, we provide filter optimization solutions to clients worldwide.

AWI  has Industry recognized expertise in granular media filter design, supply, installation, operation and optimization as well as a comprehensive understanding of filter hydraulics necessary for sustained filter performance



Whipps, Inc. is a privately-owned company, founded in 1977 by George and Pauline Whipps. Since the company's inception, Whipps, Inc. has been manufacturing water control gates of the highest quality and performance.

No matter what type of gates your project demands, chances are excellent our Hydro Gate® product line has the right gates for your specific application.


Our product offering is vast and can suit applications for a wide variety of industries. Choose from cast iron slide or flap gates, fabricated slide or flap gates, rectangular butterfly gates, stop logs, wall thimbles, lifts and accessories.



Hendrick Screen offers various options — such as T-intake screens, half barrel intake screens, drum screens and flat panels — all designed to be 316(b) compliant. Additionally, we have an engineering group dedicated to water intake and water treatment screens, thus ensuring you have the right screen for your particular application.

Hendrick manufactures cost-effective water intake screens in stainless steel or copper-nickel. We produce intake screens in multiple sizes and configurations, including half intakes for shallow water conditions. A customizable Airburst system is available to optimize performance and reduce cleaning costs. Our products are National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) approved and 316(b) compliant.



H2O Innovation is a leader in customized water and wastewater treatment solutions using membrane technologies. We design and fabricate state-of-the-art, integrated water treatment systems for municipal, industrial and commercial users and specialize in applications for drinking water, water reuse, wastewater treatment and industrial process water. We consider the specific needs of our clients and have a flexible approach to design as the largest open-source system supplier in North America. 



Performing basic tasks for treatment operations, weirs, baffles, and launders must be high strength and corrosion resistant materials able to withstand harsh conditions. Delivering long, high quality service, fiberglass weirs, baffles and, launders, manufactured by Enduro Composites, are ideal, cost effective materials for these requirements.

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