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Flood Control



Removable Stop Log flood barriers from Flood Control International are engineered to provide similar levels of protection to permanent flood defenses, but with the advantage of being fully removable when not required.

These simple yet efficient flood barriers slot into fixed channel posts and can be supplied for virtually any configuration and length, with flood protection heights of up to 13ft.


Flood Control International offers a huge range of permanent flood barriers to ensure the right flood solution is provided: Glass Floodwalls, Flip-up Flood Barriers, Drop-Down Flood Barriers, Self-Closing Flood Barriers.  With enhancement, these flood barriers also perform as Chemical Containment Barriers.  

Automatic flood barriers can operate to self-raise with the rising flood water, or be push button operated so that the flood barrier can be operated in advance of floods with full peace of mind.  They can also be manually operated as required.

We provide engineering CAD or PDF drawings of all installations ensuring they integrate correctly with the whole scheme design where required.


Flood Control International’s specialist engineers design tailor-made flood gates that provide dependable flood protection whilst maximizing access availability.  The flood gates can be designed to operate on a dead level threshold allowing unrestricted vehicle, pedestrian and disabled access.

Lightweight aluminum flood gates are available in widths up to 15ft and flood defense heights up to 6ft, and our steel floodgates are designed to any size.  All flood gates can be automatic and push-button operated if required.

We make hinged flood gates, pivot flood gates and rolling flood gates in a full range of sizes.


Flood Control International's flood doors are designed to protect against flood and unauthorized entry and when a flood door is shut, it is flood proof. Our unique gasket arrangement guarantees flood protection to full height or above and flood doors can be fitted with a range of access / egress and security features as required. Our doors can also include for self-inflating gaskets where required.