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Wastewater Process Equipment


The Aerator Solutions Blue Frog® Technology is an innovative, affordable, sustainable solution designed to meet wastewater treatment lagoon discharge standards. It prolongs the life of the lagoon by restoring it back to its original design capacity. The Blue Frog® is a hybrid aerator that functions as both a mixer and passive aerator that moves water laterally through the water column, creating an entirely unique treatment process.


Enduro Aquaspan™ fiberglass (FRP/GRP) baffle wall systems are specifically designed for potable water and wastewater treatment flow control. Baffle walls control the flow of water and increase residence time while partition walls separate zones or enhance mixing. Our baffle and partition walls are pre-engineered and composed of fiberglass panels, angles, and framing members.

With a superior combination of strength and corrosion resistance, Enduro baffle wall systems offer industry-leading design flexibility and light weight making them an excellent choice for both new projects and retrofits.

The Plasti-Fab Composite Baffle Wall provides superior corrosion resistance while providing the flexibility of custom fabrication to meet specific application needs. All composite parts are guaranteed against corrosion.


Plasti-Fab is a world class manufacturer of composites with over 40 years of experience designing, engineering and building products for fluid management and control. Plasti-Fab products are fabricated from highly corrosion resistant composite fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP). Recognized around the world as an experienced innovator and provider of quality composite solutions, Plasti-Fab has a wealth of experience and expertise in flow measurement products.

Enduro Fiberglass Weirs and Scum Baffles are high strength and corrosion resistant materials able to withstand harsh conditions.

As an integral part of activated sludge clarifiers, Enduro Density Current Baffles improve solids capture and increase hydraulic capacity.

Enduro Launder Covers are engineered to prevent algae growth and act as a weather and debris barrier and to contain odor and gas emissions associated with water and wastewater treatment operations.