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The Grande ACU-BEND (hinged at the top) and TRU-BEND (hinged at the bottom) unique design allows a specific amount of water to overflow after a pre-determined upstream water level is reached. This increases the tank and sewer storage volume and reduces the frequency and volume of overflow events.


CSO, SSO, & Stormwater Equipment


Grande Water Management Systems offers a variety of flow regulators which are designed to passively maintain a fixed flow through them under varying upstream head conditions using the principles of physics and mechanics.


The uses of these vary widely, but most often they are used to control flows in combined sewer systems (CSO), sanitary sewer systems (SSO) and effluent from batch process plants. These regulators can be designed to maintain flows up to 32,000 GPM with upstream water level up to 40 feet.



Whipps, Inc. is a privately-owned company, founded in 1977 by George and Pauline Whipps. Since the company's inception, Whipps, Inc. has been manufacturing water control gates of the highest quality and performance.


Fabricated equipment such as sluice/slide gates (aka penstocks), stop logs, hand-pull stop gates, flap gates, shear gates, mud valves, telescoping valves and tilting weirs are produced at the company headquarters in Athol, Massachusetts.

No matter what type of gates your project demands, chances are excellent our Hydro Gate® product line has the right gates for your specific application.


Our product offering is vast and can suit applications for a wide variety of industries. Choose from cast iron slide or flap gates, fabricated slide or flap gates, rectangular butterfly gates, stop logs, wall thimbles, lifts and accessories.

The Grande Water Management Systems ACU-GATE is sediment flushing device designed to remove settled debris from the bottom of a tank using a single flush. It has been used in CSO, SSO applications and can be used in any application to clean tankage.


The system operates by releasing a torrent of in-system water stored behind the flushing gate when the tank is drained. The torrent carries the settled debris with it where it can be easily removed from the tank.



Dyrhoff specializes in the design and supply of inflatable rubber dams and spillway gates.

The Dyrhoff rubber dam is designed by Dyrhoff in Europe using design know-how acquired from Sumitomo Electric. All our rubber dam components are designed and manufactured according to the Japanese Technical Standards on inflatable rubber dams.

Dyrhoff has provided rubber dams for New York City's sanitary transmission tunnels​ for the purposes of controlling flow into CSO Storage Tanks.



WAPRO's WaStop has ingenious functionality that provides you with the best possible protection against flooding, odor control and backflow.

A wide size range makes it available to fit most types of pipes from NPS 3" to NPS 72" and it is also available in an Access chamber for easy access from ground level.
Working on differential pressure the WaStop functions autonomously, without human interaction, without electricity and without constant maintenance. It just works.



The Grande Water Management Systems ACU-SCREEN Fine Slotted Overflow Screen System is designed to remove debris from storm water overflow systems, combined sewer overflow (CSO) systems and sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) systems. The ACU-SCREEN fine slotted screen provides an economic and effective solution to protect against floating and suspended matter entering receiving streams.​



The Grande Water Management System ACU-TIP tipping bucket is a sediment flushing system designed to remove settled debris from reservoir floors, such as stormwater or CSO retention tanks and sanitary equalization tanks. The system operates by filling the bucket with water to the point it's center of gravity shifts, and the bucket tips under it's own weight. The torrent  of water that is released carries the settled debris with it where it can be easily removed from the tank.

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