Inline Check Valves

Wapro is a Swedish company with a large international presence. We develop, manufacture, test, market and sell our products to 49 countries. Wapro is the market leader in high-quality protection against backflow and flow control. Wherever there is a need to prevent flooding in stormwater and wastewater networks as well as odors and pests from sewage pipes, we will be there.

WaStop Inline Check Valve

WAPRO's WaStop has ingenious functionality that provides you with the best possible protection against flooding, odor control and backflow.

A wide size range makes it available to fit most types of pipes from NPS 3" to NPS 72" and it is also available in an Access chamber for easy access from ground level.

Working on differential pressure the WaStop functions autonomously, without human interaction, without electricity and without constant maintenance. It just works.