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Corrosion Control Products

AFT carries Ipex America's Vortex Flow and Vortex Force sewer pipe inserts which help to protect against damaging corrosion in collection systems and sewer manholes for H2S gases.

Vortex Flow Sewer Insert

The wastewater flows into the Vortex Top Form which directs the flow around a channel of decreasing radius. At the same time, the Vortex channel slopes downward to accelerate the wastewater to a supercritical velocity.

Once the flow is channeled into the smaller Drop Shaft, the velocity and centrifugal forces generated within the VFI cause the flow to hug the inside walls of the Vortex Drop Shaft. This spiraling flow creates a negative air core, which draws airborne gases down the Drop Shaft to the Energy Dissipation Pool. Frictional forces created within the Vortex Drop Shaft assist in dissipating the fluid energy.

The flow exit is submerged in the Energy Dissipation Pool at the bottom of the Vortex. Air and gases drawn down the air core are forced back through the wastewater and are re-entrained into the flow. This significantly increases the dissolved oxygen concentration in the wastewater, and the re-entrained odorous compounds are then quickly oxidized.

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